Commercial real estate

We provide legal advice at every stage of the transaction and completion of commercial investments (shopping centres, commercial parks, offices) including but not limited to:

  • Preparing draft of agreements related to the purchase or sale of real estate,
  • Comprehensive analyses of the legal status of real estate (due diligence) and entities owned being owners or perpetual usufructuaries thereof,
  • Determination and organization of the legal status of real estate for the needs of a particular transaction,
  • Identification of risks associated with the transaction or real estate and consultancy in terms of limiting or removing thereof,
  • Representing investors before courts and within administrative proceedings, concerning buildings and real estate development,
  • Representing investors in terms of obtaining a wide range of decisions, consents and permits,
  • Negotiation of commercial space lease agreements in shopping centres and parks,
  • Negotiation of office space lease agreements,
  • Servicing the purchase of rights to real estate, advice on developing the best financial and tax solutions,
  • Conducting negotiations concerning the conditions of real estate acquisition,
  • Legal services related to implementation of the construction process including preparation of a wide range of agreements and the negotiation thereof,
  • Legal support within the process of real estate commercialization and management.

Residential Real Estate

We provide legal advice at every stage of the transaction and implementation of housing investments, including but not limited to:

  • Comprehensive analyses of the legal status of real estate (due dilligence) and entities owned by them or perpetual usufructuaries,
  • Preparing drafts of agreements related to acquisition of real estate for development investments,
  • Representation of developers in administrative and court proceedings in terms of obtaining various decisions, consents and permissions,
  • Implementing of draft developer agreements and property transfer agreements,
  • Preparation of draft agreements concluded in the construction process and conducting negotiations, ie. agreements for construction works, agreements for design works,
  • Preparation of all documentation associated with the transfer of residential premises by the developer,
  • Representation of the developer’s interests in litigations with buyers of flats, contactors of works and material suppliers,
  • Consulting, service and preparation of documents associated with functioning of housing communities.

Corporate Law (Mergers and Acquisitions)

We provide advice to Polish and foreign business entities concerning their operation, including but not limited to:

  • Establishment of domestic and foreign business entities,
  • Preparation of legal drafts for commercial law companies and internal regulations thereof,
  • Current service of companies in the scope of preparing resolution drafts of company bodies and representation at shareholders’ meetings,
  • Preparation of a comprehensive process of dissolution and liquidation of business entities,
  • Structuring and restructuring of capital groups,
  • Due dilligence audits,
  • Preparation of projects and participation in the process of negotiating commercial or business agreements,
  • Preparation of drafts of documents, regulations and procedures,
  • Counselling related to bankruptcy and composition proceedings.


We provide comprehensive legal assistance for victims as a result of incidents causing damage, including among others:

  • Reporting damage and representing the victim in liquidation proceedings, performed by insurance companies,
  • Representing the victim in court proceedings concerning compensation for the suffered damage (bodily injury, loss of health or death in the immediate family), compensation for the costs of treatment, rehabilitation, lost earnings, destroyed property, reimbursement of vehicle repair costs, disability benefits due to inability to work, disability benefits due to increased needs related to permanent or long-term treatment, rehabilitation, third party care, pension for immediate family members of the deceased.

Family and Labor Law

We provide representation in negotiations and court proceedings in matters related to family law, including but not limited to:

  • Divorce cases,
  • Division of assets,
  • Maintenance obligations,
  • Parental authority,
  • Regulation of contact with children.


We provide advice in all areas related to legal aspects of employment, in particular:

  • Establishment of employment structures, establishment and resolution of employment relations including C-level employees,
  • Preparation of drafts of agreements for employees and contractors,
  • Employment restructuring,
  • Advice on collective redundancies,
  • Negotiating agreements with trade unions and employee representatives,
  • Representing both the employer and employee in litigation in the field of labor law.

Personal Data Protection

We cooperate with auditors and practitioners working with the broadly understood protection of personal data in companies. We provide consultancy in all areas regarding legal aspects of the implementation of personal data protection regulation, including in particular:

  • Carrying out audits including identification and defining personal data files, which currently are or will be processed, IT systems and applications being used to process personal data, completeness of IT systems documentation, security policy of information and procedures of data security systems,
  • Preparing new or verifying existing documentation (procedures), required by applicable law suitable for each given organization, including personal data protection integrated with ISO (IT system management instructions, records of people authorized to process personal data, clauses of consent for data processing, authorization to process data, agreements for entrusting data processing, regulations of online stores suitable for individual needs),
  • Performing a comprehensive registration process of files or updating existing personal data files,
  • Conducting and organizing trainings for employees, administrators and the management.